Pit Pass / Parking


 Available after Oct. 15th, 2017 
Contact or stop by your local O'Reilly's Auto Parts Store to pick up your 2017 ONIKC Pit Passes. Use the Part #'s below to purchase this years pit passes at any O'Reilly's Auto Parts location.

             2 Day Pit Pass                                   1 Day Pit Pass
         Part #  -  ONIKC2DAY17 $45.00                          Part #  -  ONIKC1DAY17   $30.00 

*Pit Passes that are purchased at the gate* 
*6 years & under are FREE*

     2 Day Pit Pass @ Track                  1 Day Pit Pass @ Track  
        $60.00            $45.00

 No Refunds After Nov 17, 2017

                                         *Pre-Payments is REQUIRED*

                                                RESERVED PITS
             Under Roof                                             Outside 

                  $20.00 10x10                                             $35.00 12x50 Paved Sect B
                  $25.00 8x12                                               $45.00 12x50 Paved Sect A
                  $50.00 10x30                                                
                  $55.00 12x25                                             FREE 12x50 Paved Sect C
   $165 RV Park for Event (12x40) - Full Hookups

Jam Promotions at (901) 368 - 5278 or (901) 888 - 0138
Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 am to  6:00pm
Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

*Please leave a detailed message after office hours to reserve parking spots*

Outdoor Pit Layout
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Under Roof Parking Layout
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Parking Overview Layout
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